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Founded by two friends in Malta in 2020, we set out to develop a new ‘futuristic’ perspective that marries the best qualities of friendship and business.

Arcadem believes that by caring for our people, clients and partners, we can unleash the full potential of our collective genius. We achieve it by mastering the values of collaboration. Crafting the optimal conditions for a team to perform at its best, in a multicultural environment that collects thoughts, views, opinions and life experiences.

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Compliant with all major jurisdictions map of the world
Compliant with all major jurisdictions map of the world

Compliant with all major jurisdictions, Arcadem is regulated in the biggest countries in the world. With a global audience that currently plays more than 10749 games throughout the year.

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Phillip Douglas


Born in Manchester in 1992, where he picked up his strong Manchester accent and a passion for gaming. Phillip has a degree in Cultural and Humanities History. His vast experience in the casino world started out early on when he managed a Coral betting shop, before moving on to customer support at Sky Betting and Gaming in the UK, leading him up to the casino sphere as a coordinator at Betsson, and Casino Games Manager at Casumo. Until he decided to take a leap and found Arcadem, which he firmly believed could drive quality while still making games that players would love to play and try to become game changers (pun intended) in the process.


Christian hellman


Born in Sweden during the booming 80s, Christian quickly developed an interest in technology and completed an Advanced Diploma in IT Infrastructure. After working a few years in this field, he decided to pack up and move to Australia in 2005. Here he continued his studies and also holds a Bachelor of Business. After this he started working with Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, where he quickly advanced in the ranks, ultimately overseeing multiple outlets.
With a strong passion for gaming, he then started working at The Star Casino, overseeing the private gaming rooms.
After almost 8 years in the land down under, he made the moved to Malta and started on the iGaming path. During the years on the island, Christian has held numerous senior management titles with leading iGaming companies such as Playtech and now brings his diverse experience to Arcadem.



We are constantly coming up with new game ideas that are just waiting to be transformed into awesome concepts.

The algo

Mathematics is at the base of all the cool games that we develop. Our algorithms fuse design and functionality to deliver the ultimate experience.


The graphical dimension of casino games is the tool that enables us to share our creative vision with our audience.


Where Fun

Is the name of the game


We develop creative concepts and turn them into a beautiful experience that captivates players all around the world.

Arcadem is all about creating awesome games and even more awesome vibes. So, join the global Arcadem tribe, and let’s have more fun together.

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