A Q&A about Exclusive Content

This week, our Podcast tackles Exclusive Content and games.

With the increase of offerings across the iGaming industry, one question has plagued the minds of online gambling providers: how to spike the audience’s interests and keeping them engaged in their specific platform?

One of the solutions is the development of Exclusive Content offerings. Similar to a generations-old strategy among the videogame industry that lept into streaming platforms, exclusive content is now making waves among the gambling digital industry.

As many are aware exclusive content can have many pitfalls as well as benefits, today we will be touching upon it from all artistic, marketing, sales, customer feedback aspects and how we take all of these into consideration for future games.

On this week’s podcast, the Arcadem team has invited one of the studio’s artists to discuss the topic of exclusive content.

We will also briefly touch upon how story-driven content can be impacted by mechanics design, music, and most important artwork.

Listen on the player below, by clicking here or on Spotify.

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