A Q&A on Casino Games Trends

In this interesting podcast, the Arcadem founders discuss trending casino games innovations and concepts.

A Q&A on Casino games trends


In one form or another, casino games have been around since ancient times. And, just like every other industry they have tremendously evolved over the years. More recently, the internet making the games widely available and the advancement in technology, have truly transformed the gaming sphere.

So this time we wanted to dive into the different trends going around in the iGaming world. And we picked the brains of Arcadem’s founders Phillip and Christian to get a better grasp on all the tech and fads for casino games!

Here are some of the things we were most curious about and a couple of questions tackled in the session.

Aside from the digitization of events, what particular trend caught your eye? What about innovations in virtual and augmented reality? Have these become widely used in iGaming? Does Arcadem incorporate thematic trends in the games? Any particular data or process you follow to determine what concept your next game will be based on? Have analytics changed the way a game is structured? And finally, any thoughts on using cryptocurrencies in iGaming?

While 2020 has been a strange year for most businesses – to say the least – a clear disruption occurred and is continuing to change our lifestyles. These changes have also impacted the gaming industry. Time will tell exactly to what extent gaming habits have been impacted.

Check out the full podcast as Arcadem’s founders share their thoughts on casino games trends from a creative, commercial, and technical point of view.

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