Q&A on Emerging Markets for iGaming

In this week’s podcast, Arcadem’s founders discuss the trending topic of emerging markets for iGaming.

emerging markets for igaming


The gaming industry has experienced a lot of growth in recent years. For instance, emerging markets like Africa, North America, South America, and Asia are increasingly becoming important components in the sector. So what’s the story behind these emerging markets and how is the world of gaming catering to their demands?

This is a hot topic indeed. That’s why this week’s podcast with Arcadem founders Phillip and Christian revolves around the top emerging markets for iGaming.

Here are some questions we asked:

So, what makes these markets ’emergent’ in the actual context? And what has changed that improved the presence of iGaming in these areas? Furthermore, what is your experience working with these markets?

Are there any challenges linked with the provision of support for this customer base? And, how do you deal with Responsible Gaming in new markets?

Finally, Phillip and Christian talk about the markets that they look forward to exploring as potential customers for Arcadem. They also stress the fact that online games should be available to people across the globe, that is the big advantage of the internet.  This ultimately is Arcadem’s objective.

Listen to the full podcast here, to get the Arcadem take on the expanding reach of iGaming.

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