A Q&A on Euro 2021

This week, our Arcadem Podcast talks about Euro 2021 and predictions for the competition.

The pandemic disrupted the entire globe for more than 15 months. During the first months of it, many global events were postponed. While many regions of the globe still look forward to an exit strategy from this crisis, Europe’s efforts had made the realization of Euro 2020 possible more than a year later than its intended date.

With many countries reopening and taking extra precautions, the football competition will have the eyes of the world when the ball rolls on Rome next Friday.

This week, our Arcadem podcast brings a more casual chat about all things Euro 2021, which teams are our favourites and predictions for the group stage. Moreover, we quickly mention the impact such a global competition will have for the gambling and iGaming industries and also the tricky situation happening with the Tokyo Summer Olympics, now on the verge of cancellation due to Japan’s lacklustre response to the pandemic.

Listen to the episode on the player below, by clicking here or on Spotify.

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