A Q&A on iGaming Digital Events

In this podcast, the Arcadem team talks about iGaming events and the experience of being part of digital gatherings for business.

A Q&A on iGaming Digital Events


Following our last discussion on working remotely and how we manage a team we’ve never physically met, we carry on discussing the effects of going virtual in all aspects of the business with a zoom in on industry events.

So, this week’s podcast is all about iGaming digital events! An exciting topic in these socially distanced times. The Arcadem team experienced first hand a virtual iGaming gathering and today, they share their thoughts on the subject. Here are some of the points that we covered:

What did you think of the East and West Virtual Expo digital event? And obvious differences aside, what were the similarities and differences between a live and digital event? How did you experience networking in a virtual setting? And finally, is it possible that in the future – even without pandemic related restrictions – more events switch to digital-only?

Once again, the Covid-19 pandemic fast-tracked the use of digital mediums and virtual get-togethers for personal use and business growth. As we patiently wait to meet in person once again, making the most of available technologies and digital events is something that the Arcadem team is taking head-on.

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