A Q&A on our company culture

In this session, we have the Arcadem team gathered to discuss our company culture and the experience of building team spirit and bringing in new members while working remotely.

A Q&A on our company culture


In our third podcast session, we brought together the Arcadem team to discuss our unique company culture and how we experienced bringing in new members to the team while working remotely.

For sure, “company culture” is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot these days, and it can have different meanings for different people. In our discussion, we talk about this topic from the perspective of an employee and that of our founders. Here are some of the questions we tackled.

How is the Arcadem company culture defined? And what makes it different? How – if any – previous bad experiences in other companies, shaped the changes implemented in Arcadem?

Under the best conditions, it is a challenge to ensure all members of a team feel motivated, included, and ready to take initiative. Surely, it must be particularly

As a newcomer in a company, joining during the pandemic, and working remotely, it isn’t always easy to feel included and become part of the team. Our team member talks about his experience and the things that surprised him positively when he joined Arcadem.

It is now clear that Covid-19 has disrupted many businesses and changed – perhaps for the long term – the way companies are managed. It has been no different for Arcadem, but their journey is one that puts an encouraging light on team building and project ownership even if the members of that team have never physically met. Learn more in our full podcast!

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