Arcadem New Game Release: Kawa

In the streets of a dystopian metropole, a new hero is ready to pave his way. Will he break his code and submit to this new reality, or will his samurai instinct lead him back to victory and honour? Meet Kawa, the last warrior of his kind.

Lost in a new and dysfunctional neon world, this fallen warrior struggles to embrace his true identity and destiny. In his journey to learn more about this so-called ‘The Citadel’, the Samurai will discover the secrets that lie in the alleyways and undergrounds of this futuristic megacity.

In The Neon Samurai: Kawa, both experienced and newer players will enjoy the thrills and the excitement on this brand-new 5X3 video slot digital machine with an awesome cyberpunk spin. Featuring ten different pay lines that can raise your winning odds against the enemies in the Citadel, users can have a maximum win approaching 17,000X. The base game offers single-line wins of up to 3,000X.

Players will also be able to activate our hero’s signature attack; the Kawa Spin. Once triggered, the attack will replace all Queens, Jacks, and 10 symbols on screen with the face of our fearsome neon samurai. With this skill, players can potentially generate astonishing extra wins of over 1,000x.

Your journey alongside Kawa through the depts of the neon metropolis will not go unnoticed. Your wins allow you to join the Gamble Ladder, get in the competition, and potentially gain an extra bonus that rewards your successful skills and enables you to raise your earns to a staggering extra of up to €30,000.

During his journey, this neon hero will need to come to terms with the radical difference between his moral code and a world to which he doesn’t belong. His only ally during his dangerous journey will be you, the player. By following his footsteps, you will be the one helping Kawa overcome the hardships he’ll encounter in Arcadem’s first release.

Join Kawa as he explores a new and fascinating place with only his wits and his trusted sword helping him to discover the truth. Play The Neon Samurai: Kawa.

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