Arcadem is Proud to Announce its Blockbuster Title: Flashback Heroes

Join our characters Ace Danger, Ice Fox, Ranger, and Professor Element and decide whose side you stand upon on Flashback Heroes.

Flashback Heroes is Arcadem’s first-ever blockbuster game, jam-packed with 4 in-game features, 4 selectable Free Spins rounds, a bonus buy of 120x, great graphics, music and a story to match.

Join our characters Ace Danger, Ice Fox, Ranger, Professor Element, and decide whose side you stand upon.

Phillip Douglas, Director of Gaming at Arcadem commented: “‘Flashback Heroes’ is an accumulation of all the hard work the team at Arcadem has put into our games for the last 12 months. I cannot wait to see how players react to this game, just remember to become a hero, is only a flashback away.”

“This new release is truly one of a kind. With the 80s theme combined with superior graphics and music, adding 4 different bonus rounds (with the possibility of bonus buy), this is a true Summer Blockbuster“, commented Christian Hellman, Director of Arcadem.

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