Arcadem & TWIN Casino: A New And Exclusive Partnership

Constantly aiming for new heights, Arcadem embarks on a new journey, now partnering with TWIN Casino for the exclusive pre-release of Merlin and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Not only did our Highwaymen make a deal with TWIN, they’ve also introduced them to the one and only Merlin.

She’s whipped them up a spell, granting them her game 2 months exclusively! As the first of three exclusives for Arcadem this month.

‘Merlin and the Philosopher’s Stone’ will be available via oryx this April.

Christian Hellman, Director for Arcadem said: “We are excited to announce a partnership with TWIN Casino for the exclusive pre-release of Merlin. This further strength Arcadem’s position in the market, with it’s titles already proving to be very popular across the industry”.

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