Q&A on Evil Elf: A Not-So-Merry Christmas

In this week’s podcast, we learn all about the epic new holiday-themed game Evil Elf, and the hero’s thirst to ruin Christmas!

Evil Elf: The Night Before Christmas

This week, we have a new and exciting announcement on an upcoming holiday-themed game! A much awaited iGame featuring a peculiar elf who is out to ruin Christmas and a battle-hardened Santa. We are happy to introduce Arcadem’s latest creation, Evil Elf: The Night Before Christmas.

Much of the inspiration for this game came from the expectation of having a very different holiday season this year. The pandemic and physical distancing is definitely affecting gatherings and the way people celebrate traditions. That’s why Arcadem founders Phillip and Christian thought of bringing in a little holiday cheer in a different way as well.

We wanted to know more about the story and the characters of Evil Elf, but we tried hard not to bombard the guys with too many questions! But, who wouldn’t want to hear more details on a Santa Clause who’s hoping to get a year off? Or on a captain (Blueberries) who is not as delicious as his name sounds. So, listen on as we discover who’s who in this Christmas saga! Here are some questions we covered:

  • What can you tell us about the characters? How are they related?
  • Frostberries seems very unique and she is surely a strange elf. What can you share about her character?
  • So how exactly did she come about, what was the creation process? Did you face any challenges while designing her?
  • How do unusual and well-developed characters impact an iGaming experience?
  • Why it is so important to develop a story for online casino games?

We also got a snapshot into the guys’ vision for the future of the games, and we suspect this is not going to be a stand-alone game!

Check out the full podcast here!


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