Q&A on Loot Boxes

This week, our Arcadem Podcast explores the issues around Loot Boxes.

One of the latest developments of the Video Game industry, Loot Boxes are gaming’s most controversial topic. By selling randomized packs to often players, video game companies had created a multi-billion dollar industry.

However successful they are, loot boxes are not often compared to gambling mechanics. While iGaming companies have a dedication to assuring only people over the legal age gambles in their games, video games run loot box mechanics mostly unopposed and deregulated. The issue becomes especially problematic once it is factored in that most times underage kids are experiencing a form of gambling in games such as Fortnite, FIFA, and many others, with consequences yet to be defined by such easily available and deregulated gambling mechanics on video games.

This week, our Arcadem Podcast team is joined by Jammieslots to discuss the matter. Not only a critique of video game companies, the program also elaborates on systems and best practices video games could adopt from gambling to prevent addiction and problematic loot box purchases.

Listen to the episode on the player below, by clicking here or on Spotify.

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