Q&A on the North American Gambling Industry

In this week’s podcast, our team discuss the juggernaut of gambling, the North American market.

The North American Gambling industry is a juggernaut in the market. By itself, it generates more than 80 billion dollars in revenue each year. Mostly focused on land-based gambling, the industry has been hit hard by the Pandemic and has been going through changes before and after. 

In this week’s Arcadem Podcast, our team discuss the peculiarities of the North American market. How the US is pivoting towards iGaming, the differences in state legislation and, as always, the challenges of responsible gambling in such an iconic marketplace. 

We also tackle the challenges of entering the competition with Arcadem’s games, due to our partnership with Oryx Gaming. How to translate aesthetics and style to a new audience without sounding pandering or ignoring its peculiar tastes is one of such challenges, and our team presents solutions and ideas for the future.

Listen to the episode on the player below, by clicking here or on Spotify.

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