The Story of a Hero and a Villain

Sometimes, the lines between good and evil are blurred. Meet Kawa, the last hero of his kind. And Paradox, the unpredictable villain with a moral code.

Meet Kawa and Paradox

This is the story of Kawa. A man known as The Neon Samurai. A man from another time who is fighting to get his honor back.

Upon arriving at the Citadel, Kawa vows to fight the threats that assault it from the outside while remaining a true man of the people.

However, Kawa’s disconnect with the current ways of the world sometimes leads him into tricky situations or in the guards’ sights.

Aided by his Neon Katana, he was dubbed as The Neon Samurai by Paradox during the early days of their uneasy friendship.

Sometimes, the lines between good and evil are blurred. Life is neither white nor black. More often than not, it is grey. And so are the motivations with which a person chooses to act. This makes all the difference between a hero and a villain.

We clearly see the growing dichotomy between abiding by a moral code and the realities of a crude world.

And so, Paradox is the embodiment of unpredictability. He is the man who’s always out to score some quick credits and is as likely to shake your hand to cut it off.

Paradox paired up with Kawa during his early days within the Citadel and showed him the ropes. However, his chaotic ways have put him at odds with The Neon Samurai.

Expect robberies and the occasional murder, but his code stops him from becoming a downright villain as he steps up and does what is needed to protect the Citadel.

And so ensues the intricate relationship that inevitably ties the fate of these two characters.

Meet Kawa and Paradox

Follow the footsteps of The Neon Samurai, and get ready for the journey ahead.

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